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Cats Cradle Theatre is a project-based collective that pursues projects of passion, transformation, and curiosity. With our “do-it-together” mentality, we strive to uplift the work of rising artists and invest in new ways of making. At our core, we are dedicated to cultivating community connections and civic relationships, asking ourselves what it looks like “to citizen” through our work.


Four Pillars of our Work

Pursuing projects of passion, transformation, and curiosity.


Investigating new industry projects.


Uplifting the work of rising artists.

Cultivating community connections and civic partnerships.


The phrase “passion project” implies that the work doesn’t count, or at least doesn’t carry as much value. We believe it’s quite the opposite! Passion projects are a way of finding out who we really are. As a theatre company, we are led by the curiosities and interests of our artists & community. Our decision-making process is guided by each project's heartbeat. The ardent pursuit of projects that are personal and meaningful allows our work to be created not out of necessity for content, but instead for the transformative journey.

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Community values

Whether a regular artistic contributor or a creative just passing through, our list of values is assembled by the ever-expanding Cats Cradle Community. While these values are under constant revision and never considered “final,” we are committed to upholding standards that are created by and supportive of the humans that make our work possible.

How we treat each other MATTERS.


There will always be more to learn.


We believe that a rich and diverse group of voices, backgrounds, experiences, and ideas gives us strength.


Listening and implementing the feedback of others helps us grow.


Real transparency is crucial to our success. 


Communion with our immediate community is the foundation of theatre-making.


No matter the size of the project we value people's time, talents and financial contributions. We will do everything in our power to respect people's time and follow through on our commitments.

Assume good intentions.


We give and receive criticism with kindness and respect. 


We are inclusive and honor all expressions of art and creativity.

We believe the idea wins out no matter who it came from.

Decision-making is a collaborative process that includes 
diverse group of voices and backgrounds.

Last Revision - 4/14/2024

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