Jefferson Ave. Mission - formerly Emmaus Lutheran Church - seeks to spread hope across South City in our home, at our work, and through our craft. We are creating a safe and equitable space for artists and community members alike to engage with difficult conversations while we explore the interplay of art and faith and what it means to be a neighbor. Welcoming Cats Cradle for this inaugural production, Jefferson Ave. Mission hopes this is the first of many community productions. Follow us on social media. For more information, or inquiries regarding a future partnership please email 

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Cats Cradle Theatre, founded in 2016, is a project-based collective, currently helmed in Chicago, IL. We are dedicated to new work and new industry practices that center on themes of empathy and social justice. Through workshops, readings, and productions, we strive to cultivate community connections and engage in civic relationships, bridging the gap between storytelling and its community. For more information you can follow us on social media, or reach out via email at

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Cats Cradle Theatre promises an unwavering commitment to equity, inclusion, and diversity, making explicit efforts to foster intersectional discussions. We actively promote inclusive climates making space for all to participate, and promise full transparency in all operations, striving to uphold justice and tolerance at every turn. 


We acknowledge the historically foundational and structural issues that impact these values, and work tirelessly to seek out new methods, knowledge, and community. We concentrate on identifying and asking urgent questions about our social conditions, and engage in working with a diverse team - including but limited to BIPOC, women identifying, LGBTQIA+, and neurodiverse artists.

For further information regarding our policies and promises toward a more equitable world, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are always searching for new engagements, challenges, and questions, encouraging us to lean into these conversations in new ways. 


Please send any questions or clarifications to Kristin L. Schoenback at