An implicit critique of state systems of punishment, particularly the courts and individual positions of state power,
THE LAST DAYS OF JUDAS ISCARIOT incites an expansive conversation surrounding restorative justice and beckons the question
of what transformative alternatives to these systems may look like. 

In seeking to building power and relationships amongst the community, we have teamed up with FREEDOM COMMUNITY CENTER
a St. Louis organization working to end mass incarceration and advocate for alternative approaches to reducing harm and transformative justice. 

ALL PROFITS from this production will be donatedto this incredible organization as it works toward its mission here in St. Louis.



The Freedom Community Center's mission is to build a movement of survivors that will meaningfully address violence in St. Louis City and collectively design alternatives to state systems of punishment. Our community will fight to end mass incarceration and advocate for transformative justice approaches to reducing harm.  

Our vision is to end mass incarceration and state systems of punishment. We imagine a Beloved Community, in the tradition of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., where people have the power to address all forms of violence.