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Cats Cradle Theatre is committed to project-based work.
What does this mean?
It means that we do not plan seasons or regular programming, but instead are led by an artist or artistic curiosity. Thus everything around a project, from marketing, to administrative work, to fundraising are all funneled through the project's needs/thesis. This also means we may do back to back projects OR we may not be working at all in a particular year. This allows our work not to be created out of necessity for it, and not out of the company’s need to create content. It also allows us to support the work of an individual over the collective at times, giving space to pursue other work. 

Our process

is 100% collaborative!

We believe the idea wins out no matter who it came from. But that means that we need to provide space for that idea to come alive. Our decision-making process is not done by a single or even small group of individuals, but instead through a diverse group of voices and backgrounds. Every project is subject to the same process and is reviewed, discussed, voted on, and strategized by our artistic board, which is comprised of volunteers who serve in this position for one year.

We believe in the power of community.
We are invested in creating unique and actionable partnerships in our respective communities.
Each project we pursue has a clear purpose in creating or developing civic relationships, always looking for new ways “to citizen”

As mostly first generation theater-makers, we understand the obstacles young artists face. We believe it is important to create space and opportunities for makers to do just that - make. While we value the collective of artists who call themselves Cats Cradle Company members, we believe that list should never have a cap, and actively seek out new ideas, new work, and new makers, investing in future generations of artists. 


We believe that our world and those who live in it are constantly changing, and it is our duty to grow and change with it. That is why our mission, values, and practices are always in draft. It is our responsibility to listen to the feedback of those around us, and adapt our practices, policies, and even our mission to serve others. 


We are committed to challenging the current standards and practices of our industry. And are dedicated to finding and developing new ways of making. Because of this we work to create space for open and honest feedback at every step of the journey. This looks like one-on-ones, or group check-ins throughout the process of a project, so we can adapt on the ground. Each project concludes with an all-inclusive post-mortem, which is led by a trained conflict-management team member to ensure honesty and safety. In addition, every artistic board meeting or project selection is available, and we encourage any and all feedback. 

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