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In Kurt Vonnegut's classic novel CAT'S CRADLE, he takes a satirical look at the structures that underpin our society with regards to politics, science, religion and its misconceptions about the usefulness of truth in order to identify with our own falseness - rejoicing in ideals that are constantly changing! By deconstructing these institutions, we can appreciate the fact that most of the truths we hold fast are really rather silly when examined closely. 

This is our intent as Cats Cradle Theatre - to look deeply into the underlying structures of our world, and specifically within our industry, and to identify, investigate, and deconstruct those institutions, while following artistic curiosities that align with and serve the needs of our community. 



Cats Cradle Theatre, founded in 2016, is a project-based collective, currently helmed in Chicago, IL. We are dedicated to new work and new industry practices that center on themes of empathy and social justice. Through workshops, readings, and productions, we strive to cultivate community connections and engage in civic relationships, bridging the gap between storytelling and its community.

In line with our values, our circle of artists, administrators , and vendors are constantly changing. Aside from our core founders, Cats makes a promise to keep work and opportunities open to anyone interested in a particular project or curiosity. Check out who has given their time and talents to Cats Cradle and their work. 



Our through-line as a company is not found in our constant season or program planning, but instead through HOW WE WORK. Our focus is on individual artists and projects, looking at the interconnectedness between narrative and its immediate community, as we investigate past, present, and future industry standards and practices both in the rehearsal room, as well as in the structure of the business itself. 

We believe that growth and change can only be found in transparency. Our promise is to remain as a living draft, constantly improving on ourselves and our processes to serve its artists and community. We welcome all thoughts, comments, and notes on our past work - which you can find here.

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